The gorgeous and timeless round cut diamond ring in the world distinguished Tiffany Setting. That's the ring we have actually been dreaming about since Charlotte York's character used it in "Sex and the City" series.Diamonds come in lots of shapes: Round (most common), princess (Second most common), emerald cut, Asscher, glowing, heart, pear, oval,… Read More

Fashion Jewellery for weddings has grown to be well liked in modern culture partially due to the grand publicized weddings of celebrities and others in modern culture that individuals attempt to emulate. The themes of this exquisite form of jewelry vary wildly of countless styles. The fashion jewellery of weddings supplies the bride and other peopl… Read More

Black is really a strong and imposing color that is really a favorite with the fashion world. Black suggests night, boldness, magic, and mystery. Black can be another color of myth and symbol, often a color worn by icons of history. Audrey Hepburn is remembered in 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' on her black gown; every fashion guru will preach the "littl… Read More

Prior to new medicine, a lengthy and healthy life was not really so easy to attain, but people tried to make certain that they'd outstanding chance for success using superstition. Many superstitions grew through the years around weddings, to come up with the brides happiness in her own new home and of course to assure her fertility. The colour of t… Read More

The age-old stating that the diamond is a girl's best ally stands true during the modern era. With so many choices and new trends emerging each day, diamond still remains special for each woman. With this being said what could be a much better gift than diamond engagement rings marriage ceremony she's going to commit her entire life to her man.The … Read More